This type of bearing is the newest type of journal bearing designed and manufactured for the reduction of the rotary system’s vibration as much as possible. In this type of bearing, oil is used as the springy pad for the absorption of the system’s vibration that results in the reduction of the peak of equipment frequency amplitude and control the system in higher speed and balance it.

PAANIR Company based on the researches and studies on the operation systems of this type of bearings manufactured damper bearing as the newest product in this category.

Damping of tilting-pad bearings are less than of fixed profile bearings. So they have insufficient damping to prevent the system instability. Here are two ways In order to improve the damping of the tilting-pad bearing. First, the mechanical pivots are replaced by fluid pivots and second, by the use of a squeeze film damper.



Advantages of squeezed film damper bearing:
  • Helps control both synchronous and sub synchronous vibration
  • Greatly reduces the first critical amplitude
  • Permit smooth operation through critical speed
  • Shaft centering ability
  • Reduce the forces transmitted through the bearing and foundation
  • Protect the machine from sudden buildup of unbalance forces